Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Raccoon Valley RV Park gets a new SIGN.

The Escapees sprung for a new sign here at Raccoon Valley.

It was time too, the old sign got thrown out into the scrap pile.

Today was a disappointment at the Verizon Store, when we went in and ask for the 10% discount Nick told us about they told me the discount didn't apply to data plans. Well that is all we have with Verizon, the air card. Our Verizon phone is on our daughters plan and we just have an added line, since we have the AT&T phones, and the only reason we have the Verizon is so we can talk to others with Verizon without using minutes, and we can talk to our daughter for the $10 a month.

So I was not in a real good mood after we left the Verizon store headed to the AT&T store. Well things got worse at the AT&T store, when the guy signed us up using my VA hospital card as proof, he informed us they charge $36 to enroll us for the 15% discount. Well I ask how long we had on our contract, (14 months) so I did the math and said sign us up. I was really in no mood to discuss anything with them there because I knew I would wind up saying some things that I shouldn't say, so we just left it at that.

We did some visiting, ate lunch and then headed back to the rig. I ask Marcia to drive so I could call 611 and really complain about the $36. I really shocked myself, I was real polite, and courteous when I talked to an American, English Speaking person at AT&T. After discussing their ridiculous fees, and asking just how much it would cost to terminate our plans early, the lady talked to two of her supervisors and I wound up getting $25 and 3000 roll over minutes added to our account.

Not as good as I had hoped for, but the cost of early termination was way more than I wanted to pay out for something we were getting rid of. So we get 3000 roll over minutes (we loose minutes every month because we don't use enough) ( I guess I need to call more) and the 15% discount for $11. I think they should have told me about the discount when they first started giving it, but I didn't ask so....

The bottom line is if your a veteran you can get a discount off your cell phone bill with AT&T or Verizon (on voice plans) and all you need is proof you served.

Marcia had to make a trip to Middlesboro today to take care of some insurance issues and I showed the Rebel to a couple people. One guy made an offer but I felt it was too low, and the next couple came and looked the bike over and said they would go to the bank tomorrow and bring me the money. I'll wait until the green hits the mahogany before I say it is sold.

Tomorrow will be another day....

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