Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Half a day for Marcia

Today was Marcia's half day, so as soon as she finished it we were off to Middlesboro to see dad, Corey, Jaelynn, and Jenifer. We met Corey at Sears because he was having his tires rotated and he didn't want to hang around the mall while they worked on his truck.

We went to McDonnalds across from the hospital to catch a late lunch. Miss Jaelynn was awakened from her nap way too early, but unlike most kids in the situation she was smiling and enjoying the ketchup with her fries. With her allergies she is very limited to what she can eat and McDonnalds fries are on her do not eat list, but she tolerates a few with a cup of ketchup.

The it was across the street to see dad. I guess I woke him up from his nap too, because he didn't answer either of the phones when I called and when I walked in the door startled him. He had slept off and on most of the dad today, and most of last night so I was happy knowing he was catching up on some much needed rest.

His sores caused by the antibiotics were a lot better today, and he says the doctor told him he would be going home tomorrow. I really like the attention he has been getting in the hospital, three meals a day, nurses shaving him, and changing his bed everyday.

This week I am going to "try" to talk to him and Scott about hiring someone to come in and clean for them once or twice a week. Their house is so large that it takes help from everyone to keep it neat, and dad and Scott aren't able to keep up their end. I think that would make it easier for Heather and Little Scott as well.

Later we picked up a few things from dads that we will be needing this winter, and since I'm in the process of cleaning out out storage bins I thought it would be best if I had everything we plan on carrying here when I re-arrange everything.

The next couple weeks I will be doing a lot of cleaning and re-arranging on the rig. We need to go through everything and get rid of all the stuff we have been carrying around the past two years and have not used. I figure if we haven't used it in two years we don't really need to haul it around.

We did lighten our load some while we were in MO after we had the six new tires put on. We no longer carry a spare tire, or the spare rim I bought in IN to replace the one I bent when that curb jumped out in front of the wheels. We also will not need all the motorcycle gear we have been hauling around. Maybe I will keep my jacket unless I sell this other bike before we leave Raccoon Valley.

Tomorrow will be a maintenance day for the tracker, and maybe I'll get one side of the rig washed.....( and maybe I'll be able to upload some pictures )

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