Saturday, July 25, 2009

London Gathering

Today was our planned meeting with Paul and Connie in London Kentucky. We crawled out of bed and I hurried up to the clubhouse to eat breakfast. This is Jim and Kris's last weekend so they were having a mixture for breakfast. Biscuits, gravy, pancakes, toast, sausage, hash browns,eggs, and juice, any and all for $3.

After I ate we loaded up the tracker and headed for London, since dad had said he wasn't up for a long day out just yet we decided to head straight up I-75. We arrived at the flea market early so Marcia and I walked through looking for deals. Well all the deals must have been at another flea market, or like most full timers we just don't need anything.

Just after 11:30 AM Paul and Connie pull in. It was a joy to see them again. If any of you know Connie and Paul you know you won't be around them very long until you are laughing, or you will be hiding hoping nobody sees you with them. We love to laugh so there was no hiding.

After out initial hugs we walked inside and found a seat so we could just talk and enjoy to moment in the cool AC. After a while we all decided it was time to find food. Isn't that what we are all about anyway?

We knew of a nice Mexican joint where the food was good, the prices were fair, and it wasn't too far away. Although the sweet tea wasn't like any other Paul managed to drink it all gone. The waiter was kind enough to snap a couple pictures of us while we posed. We talked until we all got cold from the AC, It really was good being with good friends again, and we hope to meet up with them later in MI.

After we left the Mexican joint we went to the "Dog Patch Trading Post" just north of London to look around and spend quality time together. In front of the store they have these big pictures with holes so you can take your picture (of your face) with different bodies. Paul and Connie got a little mixed up.

And then I just had to make a face or two and Pual caught one of them with the camera.

Inside the store we had a good time looking around, and acting like kids again. This was one time I was hiding, I even pulled Marcia away from Connie yelling that she should keep away from the local hillbillies.

It was great laughing as much as we did and even better seeing and spending a few hours with Paul and Connie.

Since dad couldn't make it, Connie baked us two cakes, she said something about dad not getting any if she only baked one. I wander what gave her that ideal???

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