Friday, July 3, 2009

The day before

Today is the day before the big fireworks day, or Independence Day, also known as the 4th of July. OK I figured all of you knew that already, but I was just thinking of what to write about today and thought that would be a good filler.

After the mixup at the lake yesterday when Marcia got left at Corey's house she had to drive his truck back to the rig. Now we have to figure out when we will be taking it back to him. When I left the lake it was understood that Jenelle would be bringing Marcia home. I was going to call them as I went by where they were on my way back to the rig. Well cell service sux when you need it, and my calls didn't go through.

Marcia called about 8PM and I did offer to drive back over to Corey's to get her, but Corey offered his truck and that saved me from a long drive.

Today we did the yard sale thing, looking to find a bargain of a life time, but it just wasn't out there today, but we did enjoy riding around looking. We also did the Sam's club, although Sams wouldn't last long if I was their only customer, because we looked the entire store over and walked out with three items. Peanuts, Pecan pies, and Gatorade Most of the other items we looked at we could buy cheaper elsewhere.

Tonight Marcia made some of her famous Potato Salad, and as usual she did a terrific job at it, and she fried some bacon to make BLT's. (without the L for me) Now I have to walk some to allow it all to settle.

Please enjoy tomorrow, and remember all the soldiers that served or are serving so we can celebrate the day.

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