Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Busy Day

Today started out pretty good, but things got really busy after lunch. I went back to bed this AM feeling a little under the weather. At 11:30 I did manage to crawl out of the bed, and intended on going back to bed, but Marcia said the insurance adjuster would be here around 1 PM.

So instead of going back to bed Marcia made our lunch and we started eating, and before we finished the insurance adjusted pulled in, a lot early! He took all kinds of pictures of the roof where the bubbles have never went down from when they installed the new roof back in March of 08. It has a lifetime warranty because we used "their preferred" shop, and I am not satisfied with it, so we will see what they do to satisfy me.

Next we tried to put the new microwave/convection oven in, but it was way too big for the hole, so we had to return it to Sears. As we pulled back into the driveway after returning the microwave I started gathering the tools to change to oil in the tracker. And then the phone rang, Corey told me Jenelle was talking to him on the phone when she said she had to go because her car was making a noise.

I called her and she told me it had over heated and she was sitting on the side of the road near where she works. Marcia and I grabbed some tools and water and went to help. I changed the radiator hose and filled it back up with water and we started back to the rig. We didn't make it to the rig when it started getting hot again so we stopped at a Raceway.

When it wouldn't start after we filled it up with water again she called for a tow truck to haul it to a shop to have it fixed. Tomorrow I will have to go check on it when I go to take dad to the doctor. Oh yea, Corey went to get him from the hospital today when he was released, so he is home and tomorrow is a scheduled appointment.

After the tow truck drive left with the Malibu on the rollback we started looking for a place to eat. We for a really nice Mexican Restaurant in Powell called El Rey Azteca in the strip mall just off of Clinton Hwy. The salsa was real good, with lots of substance, not runny, not so hot that it burnt, and the chips were warm. Me being on my reduction diet I had a chicken burrito, Marcia had a chicken nachos, and Jenelle had burrito supreme. The total bill after I got the senior discount was only $16.02.

Now with Jenelle's car in the shop she has reverted back to driving the Saturn so it was a good thing she didn't sell it. We did have to get a gas can and take some gas to put in it because she has shown it to so many people without driving it. We did manage to get back to the rig after 9 PM so now I'm ready to finish this and get in bed, so until tomorrow....

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