Thursday, July 23, 2009


After sitting here for almost two months I'm ready to get these wheels moving. Today I went to check on Jenelle's car, and got the bad news. Blown intake gasket, and maybe worse, but they can't check anything else until they fix that, and after that is fixed if something else is wrong that will have to be fixed again. OH WELL it's only time and money.

Then I met Corey at the shop so he could get his truck repaired, when it rains it pours. We left the shop and went straight to Burger King to eat lunch. from there it was to dads so we could take him to the doctor. That went well, and I got to watch Jaelynn while Corey talked to the doctor with dad. He knows a lot more about the medical stuff, and I wanted to spend time with Jaelynn.

Although I got to spend time with her, I didn't get any pictures because she had me too strung out for a camera. Later Corey got the meds straightened out and I came back to the rig.

I just want to figure out which way we should turn, or where are we going to park the rig tonight....

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