Sunday, July 19, 2009

Good weather again

I'm not sure how long the good weather will last this time, looks good through Wednesday. We really enjoy good weather, and when it is stormy or cold we want to roll away, but for the next couple weeks we are committed here, and then I will have DR appointments for the first two weeks of Aug.

Today we had another no show on the motorcycles, (this is getting disgusting) and after we give the guy ample time we left and headed back to Middlesboro to see dad. He is doing a LOT better, and the nurses said he had a good night and had slept almost all day.

Around 4-5 we headed back to Knoxville, we stopped at Jenelle's and took her to eat. The restaurant wasn't very good, Marcia's garlic chicken was like the garlic chicken I got it TX that was tasteless. They did doctor hers up with some brown sauce but it wasn't good garlic chicken. Mine and Nellie's was pretty good, but having to get the manager to get Marcia's eatable set a bad taste for that place in general.

Oh well I guess you can't always get good food and service when you eat out....

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