Saturday, July 18, 2009

We Love my DAD

Yesterday was a planned visit to Middlesboro, where my brother Scott,(the one that crashed the bike about 6-8 weeks ago) and my dad live. When we got there we found dad feeling under the weather. Scott had tried Thursday to get dad to go to the ER but dad always insists he is doing better, or he has an appointment in a couple weeks and he will see the DR then.

After us spending a couple hours with them dad had the same answers for us, so we left to go play bingo with the knowledge we would return to check on dad. When we returned to check on him we found him worse, but he still insisted he would be OK.

Marcia being the relentless person she can be insisted that we take him. Well they diagnosed him phenomena, and admitted him. The problem came after the DR told us he was going to admit him. There was two other people that came into the ER that needed to flown to a larger hospital, and that caused the DR not to get the order in until after 4 AM. We got dad settled in and got back to his house around 5AM this AM.

Today dad was much better, his fever broke shortly after noon, and by 4 PM he was showered and ready for a nap. We headed back to the rig for some REST and a shower ourselves.

There was a blow up between me and my brother today, I talked to his daughter-in-law about her and Little Scott stepping up with the house and taking care of dad since Scott's wife left him last month, and Scott is healing from the M/C crash. As it looks Marcia and I are going to be the ones stepping up to help with the house and dad.

We have talked about parking the rig and moving in with Scott and Dad to take care of them. My dad is my dad and he deserves a lot better than he has been getting the past few years. I'm really hoping things don't get to the point that we do have to park the rig, but we will do what ever it takes to make sure dad is taken GOOD care of.

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