Sunday, July 26, 2009


Today it was raining at 6 AM, 7 AM, and by 9 Am I was back in the bed. With the rain falling it made for a good day to be lazy, and by afternoon the rain had stopped, but I still made the rest of the day being lazy.

I did manage to re-wire the lights on the top of the tracker. I now have one of those fancy coiled cables to run from the M/C carrier to the tracker, with the plugs on the tracker and the M/C carrier. I am thinking about getting rid of the blue ox brake system and going back to the surge type brake.

The surge brake works with a cable attached to the brake peddle, and would help at all speeds, where as the expensive brake system only works in emergency stops about 35 MPH. I'm convinced blue ox and the other tow bar systems are WAY OVER PRICED, and from what I hear their service isn't what it used to be. For now I will use the expensive gadget.

Nellie came over to visit this evening, and after we ate we played a game of Hoof and Mouth, (hand and foot with skip-bo cards). Marcia jumped out to a substantial lead, but it wasn't enough because I came back and won. They both were in shock and couldn't believe that I pulled off the VICTORY.

Tomorrow we are deep frying a few chickens at Corey's house....

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