Sunday, July 12, 2009


Today we did nothing much, Marcia cleaned on the rig, and I cleaned out my tool box. Until we sat down for supper not much had happened. I told Marcia I was going to wash the car after we ate, and she said in the rain? I said it isn't going to rain, more hoping it wouldn't than anything else.

Well it started raining around 5:30, and is still raining now at 8:30. Although it has slacked up now it rained hard for 1-2 hours. we watched the creek next to us rise, and spill out over its banks. The roads were like creeks themselves, and the lightening was striking everywhere. The wind blew for a short time, but it blew hard enough to blow over my Class of 2007 satellite dish, which has not been blown over since we have been here.

Here are a few pictures to enjoy.

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  1. YIKES !!!! That looks like you got a LOT of rain....hope everyone is safe.


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