Saturday, July 11, 2009

Marcia wins at BINGO YEA

Today had a planned trip to Middlesboro, we left around 10, stopped at a few yard sales, and met Corey at his house to grab Jaelynn. We took her to McDonnalds, and then to dads.

After visiting with dad (and I took a nap on the couch) we met Corey at Paloncho's for dinner, or supper, it was good, but the best was watching Jaelynn. She was excited to see her daddy, and was laughing so much several of the staff had to come by to check her out. (Nick, she wasn't unruly, she was just very happy)

After eating we let Corey take Jaelynn and we went visiting some more. After seeing Scott, Little Scottie, and Heather we drove over to see Ruby and Jordyn. Jordyn is really growing up. (way too fast). I should have taken some pictures but I didn't. Shame on me!!!

We left Jordyn and Ruby in time to hit the bingo hall. Our bingo packs were $10 each and Marcia hit the inside frame for $200. I am really glad she had broken out of her slump. A friend of ours girlfriend hit the letter T for $1000, and I was only close on one game, and that was the one Marcia won.

Then it was the 60 mile drive back to the rig. I made Marcia do the driving and I tried to rest, but that didn't work.....

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