Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm not a sales man

I have my brothers bike and his wife's bike here at the rig trying to sell them because my brother procrastinates too much. Yesterday I had two buyers looking at it, one gave a low ball offer, the other was going to the bank today. The guy with the low offer called this AM and wanted it at my price, but the other couple was going to the bank, so I thought.

Tonight the one going to the bank has not called, and the other guy is buying a different bike. I despise lairs with a passion, especially when it knocks me out of a sale. I think what I should do is put both bikes on E-Bay and sell them for whatever they bring. I really don't want or need the hassles.

Today Corey brought Jaelynn over and visited most of the day. Marcia was working so they kept her company at the office part of the time. Later I grilled some bologna and made the famous grill bologna sandwiches like Marcia's dad did when he ran a restaurant. They were really good, and having bologna that you slice your self makes it easy to get the extra thick slices needed for the grill.

Pictures will be later....

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