Thursday, July 30, 2009

When will the rain STOP???

Today we woke up to more rain, and the few times I woke up last night it was raining too. Although we are not getting the heavy rains that caused the flood a few weeks ago, which is a good thing.

Marcia made dad and myself a big breakfast this AM, and I broke my "reduction diet", but now I'm back on track. We had a good visit with dad today, and it was really good to see he is feeling a lot better.

I ran into a few snags while setting up dad's bills to pay on-line, it seems like all the bills he has needs to be paid by cash or check, or they charge a convenience charge. So with half of them wanting to charge extra for online services we figured it wouldn't be a good ideal for me to handle them.

Nellie stopped by just before dad left to drive home, and brought him some large copies of a check book register so he can keep it up himself. (I'm sure she would be willing to drive over there a couple times a month to keep it straight for him.

Jenelle and Marcia tried their best to beat me at hoof and mouth, but even though I gave them a 500 point lead they couldn't cross the 1500 mark before I did. I think I should have let them set me on the last hand just to be a nice guy, but that wouldn't have been as much fun.

Tomorrow I will try again to install the new antenna, today was a wash out due to the rain.....

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