Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Clean up

If you recall last Sunday the park got flooded out, another thing that got flooded was the swimming pool. Not a very pretty site, looking into a swimming pool and seeing muddy water. I volunteered to use the pressure washer to clean the patio around the pool. Yesterday wasn't a good day for me, and tomorrow we will be going to Middlesboro so today was the day.

I got up early and get the gas powered pressure washer out. It hadn't been started since who knows when, so I had to pull the spark plug and squirt some gas in the cylinder to get it started, but after that it did a good job the rest of the day.

I wound up a muddy mess myself, cleaning the mud from the cracks caused a lot of "back splash" and most of the back splash wound up on me. When I finished I was a one whupped puppy.

Later we were sitting out side playing hoof and mouth when our neighbors John and Donna came over and introduced themselves. We had a good evening sitting around talking. we also found out our friends Neile and Sue are going to have to return to the Huston Area because Neile has to have some medical tests. We hope all goes well with the tests, and they can come back soon.

Tomorrow we will be in Middlesboro for the day, and Marcia will get her bingo fix....

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