Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hummingbird Nest and the Lake

Last night I was piddeling around outside when I spotted a hummingbird sitting in a nest. Knowing Marcia loves animals of any kind I had to point it out to her. We both were amazed at seeing the hummingbird in the nest, first one either of us had ever seen.

Can you see it?

It almost looks like the leaves or moss clumped up on the limb.

Now to the lake: we drove over to Corey's house where he had two of the three grand sons, (one doesn't want to go with Corey very often) and the grand daughter. Marcia jumped right in and made us pancakes for breakfast. When we finished eating we piled everything in the trucks and took off.

Corey led the way pulling the pontoon boat, Marcia followed him pulling the two wave runners, and I brought up the rear in the tracker. I took the tracker in case I didn't want to stay as long as they did. (smart move) Once we arrived at the lake we got everything transferred onto the pontoon boat and Corey backed it into the water with me and the kids on it.

Next was unloading the wave runners into the lake, but the kids and myself didn't stick around for that we were off to the middle of the lake on the pontoon. We couldn't out run the wave runners even with our head start, so they caught us really quick.

Now came time to put the kids on the wave runner with Corey and Marcia. Then I grabbed the camera to take a few pictures only to see the warning "LOW BATTERY" on the camera. Oh well, make a note to self to buy batteries.

I lasted a couple hours before I was ready to head for home, Marcia stayed with the kids and played the day away.

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