Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Grilling the steaks

Today Marcia spent her time in the office, and I didn't do much of anything. I was recouping from the long day yesterday, and the weather wasn't helping. We suffered through another round of thunder storms today. All the work that was done to the roads in the park was wasted when the heavy rains started washing them out again today. The park really needs some drainage tiles put in to divert the run off water to the creeks.

Jenelle came over around 3 and we spent some time together while we waited on Marcia to finish up her shift. When Marcia made it home I had the grill out and Jenelle had the salad almost made. Marcia baked the potatoes and I grilled some beautiful steaks we had picked up at Sams yesterday.

Extra thick New York Strip steaks, a baked potato, and an awesome salad made for a meal fit for royalty, and satisfied our hunger desires with ease. Later Jenelle cleaned our clocks in a game of hoof and mouth. (I just let her and Marcia get too much of a lead before I started playing)

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