Monday, July 13, 2009

Clear skies again

Today started out cloudy, but t soon cleared off to partly cloudy. The temps was a bit high, and the humidity sux, but I'll take it over cold any day.

I sold a seat my brother had for his bike, the stock seats have a lot to be desired, so he had an aftermarket seat. I had to make a box for it so I could ship it to Canada. The cost to ship to Canada is outrageous, but the buyer was paying the shipping charges.

The clean up from the flood yesterday started today, limbs were gathered, and I got to use my chain saw to cut up a couple trees that had fallen. The roads and the pool will take some more work, the pool is a brownish color, and the road has big ruts everywhere.

Tomorrow we make the trip to Lexington to visit my doctor, I;m hoping he doesn't want too many "tests".

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