Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Today was my day to visit the doctor. I have been seeing the same VA doctor for 17 years, that is almost unheard of in the VA system. I really like my doctor, he has always been overly cautious when it comes to tests, or finding out the root of a problem. I really think that is a good quality.

Marcia drove us up to Lexington, after getting a late start, ( I didn't realize it was as far is it is ) and having to return to the rig to get a couple things we forgot, we were going to be a few minuets late so I called and warned them. As it turned out everyone was running late because the parking garage where the veterans park is under construction and all the veterans have to park a few blocs away and catch a shuttle van to the Hospital.

Marcia dropped me off at the hospital and went to park the tracker so I could get to my appointment. When I walked up the clerk behind the counter ask if I was Joseph Jones as if she knew me. I answered and she explained the doctor would see me in about 30 minuets, and that I should go on over to the lab and have them drain my blood.

I was really ready to make the urine deposit, after all we had just rode 175 miles, but when I saw how many of those little bottles the vampire pulled out I knew they were taking a lot of my blood. I do have to hand it to the vampire, when he stuck the needle in I didn't even feel the little stick they always say you are about to feel just before they ram that needle into your arm.

As I walked out of the lab I heard someone say here he comes, and pointing to a nurse says she is calling you. I limped on over and she explained the doctor was ready to see me. I thought to myself, "maybe I should be late more often" because my wait time was less than two minuets, and that was signing in for the doctor and signing in for the lab.

After seeing the doctor I had to go to "release of medical records" to ask them to ask the doctor to write a letter for me to turn into the medical review board. I guess every outfit has its own way of doing things, but when I ask the doctor about the letter he told me I would have to ask them to ask him, and he would write it and send it to them and they would in turn send it to me. A bit complicated don't you think?

The doctors nurse set me up for an eye exam at the VA hospital across town on Leestown road, and we had just enough time to drive across town and stop at McDonnalds and grab a chicken sandwich. We ate as we drove so I wouldn't be late again. Once there they took pictures of my eyes with a very expensive camera and said the doctor would call if there was anything wrong. They didn't even have to dilate my eyes.

With everything completed, except the waiting on the appointments to be set up, we were off to Sams Club. We did our shopping, in record time, and now we would be able to make it to Middlesboro in time for bingo. Marcia was so good about driving me to the doctor I thought I would treat her to bingo.

After making our donation to the bingo hall we stopped by Corey and Jenifer's to sat hi and get a quick glimpse of 3 of the 4 grand babies. We like to get them hugs from the grand babies when ever we can, and if they happen to be sleeping like Jaelynn was we just peek in and wish we were hugging.

Tomorrow Jenelle is coming over to cook us supper since Marcia will be working until 5:30.....

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