Monday, April 13, 2009

Cookout in the Oaks

Today was a lazy day for me. I tried to fly my newly acquired airplane this AM but the wind was too much for its little motors, so it went back on the charger and I went back to bed. Marcia and Brenda was instructed by Cathy on how to make a fold out picture book. They worked in the Activity Center which left me alone in the rig to sleep.

Around 5:30 we all gathered at Kathy and Davids site down in the Oaks section of the park. David grilled the burgers, while Kathy prepared the fixings. Each of the girls brought a dish or desert, and like all our gatherings we had way too much food. It was all good, and my thanks goes out to everyone that was there.
David cooking the burgers.

Leland and I scoped out a place to fly his big airplane, the park has about 25 acres cleared for the park expansion, (which has been put on hold). There is plenty room for Leland to fly his big plane, and I will be able to watch and learn. I hope I don't get too hooked on these RC Planes because Leland said he acquired some that cost around $2500 each, and I don't want to get that involved.
David and Kathy


Jean and Greg

Leland and Cathy

Marcia and Joe

Rodger and Brenda, our honorary class of 07 members, we sure are glad they made a detour on their way back to Ft Smith to spend some time with us. They became great grand parents today and will be going tomorrow to see the little guy.

Marty, Kathy, David, Rodger, and Brenda will be leaving the park tomorrow, we will miss them, but we understand they want to travel on to different places. Leland, Cathy, Greg and Jean will still be hanging around for a few more days. We have 17 more days here before we get these wheels rolling again. Until the next time....

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