Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Friends Leaving, washing the pool patio and Flying the Planes

I said my good-byes to David, Kathy, and Marty last night because they were pulling out this AM and I didn't know if I would make it down to the office before they took off. Rodger and Brenda I saved for this AM because they were right across from us. This AM I went over and sat with Rodger while Brenda packed up the inside of their coach, and then I sat with Brenda while Rodger packed up their satellite dish.

A friend they had met last year in CO came by and they started talking so I excused myself and gathered up the pressure washer, and hose to take over to the pool. I started pressure washing the patio around the pool. I had told Don (the manager) that I would help with the pool while we are here, and it really needed a good cleaning around the pool.

I spent too much time on the pool, but I wanted it to look good. Rodger and Brenda came by to say bye, and Brenda and myself couldn't miss out on a hug. Later Leland came by and wanted to know when I would be ready to go fly the planes. And then Greg came by to ask if we wanted to try the Jacks BBQ, since it was closed the last time we tried eating there. About noon I quit washing and walked over to get Greg to ride down to Jacks.

Since Marcia was working I thought noon would give us plenty time to get the food and be back at the CG before Marcia got off for lunch. It was timed well, she was locking the door as we pulled up to pick her up. Jean, Greg, Marcia and myself enjoyed a nice lunch on the picnic table next to our rig.

Then it was back to complete our tasks, mine was to finish washing the patio so I could go play with my plane. Marcia's was to finish the day at the office, and I'm sure Greg and Jean had something going on.

When I finished the pool I grabbed my plane and went to ask Jean if Greg could come out to play. She said he had to finish cleaning his room before he could come out to play, so we agreed to meet at the air field.

Next it was over to Leland and Cathy's to ask if Leland could come out to play, and Cathy was all too eager to let Leland come out to play, but we thought we would figure that out later. For now Leland was allowed to play so we hurried off before Cathy changed her mind.

Leland drove us down to the office where I had to get permission from Don and Marcia to fly the planes in the unfinished part of the park. They both said OK, really Don was who we had to ask about the field, I just had to let Marcia know where I would be. You all know how it is when you do things without asking. don't you?

We drove on over to the air field where Greg pulled in right behind us. Leland got the "big plane" out and attached the wings, and prepared the plane for flight.

The big plane is easier to see at a distance than the little one, but it doesn't "hang" around like the little plane.

The little plane can almost hover in the same spot like a helicopter.

It can also get out there.

It is fun to watch it fly, Leland has had a lot of "flight hours" with these RC Planes.

After we got the "jet" adjusted, it buzzed us a couple times, and kind of flew out of range once or twice.

It was a fun afternoon, and for the $35 the jet cost I had a lot of enjoyment.

Later Cathy stomped us at Mexican Train, I guess you could say it was ladies night, with Cathy squeezing out first place, with Marcia right behind her, and Jean was a close third. Us guys thought we were playing Canada, because our scores were so high.

Sixteen more days....

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