Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Rainy Day

Today was another wet day in Livingston, it was raining when we got up, and it rained almost all day. I stayed in bed until around noon, and then we braved the rain and took a ride to Lowes. David and Kathy had a neat PVC holder made to hang his balloon and his POW flag, and I want to build one for the SKP windsock Marcia has. We found the peices I need and a few other things before we wadded the water in the tracker back to the park.

The rest of the day I watched movies on TV while Marcia made another donation to the Legion. Living the Full Time RV lifestyle has days where you do nothing at all, like today, and then we have the days where we see things and places most people only see in books, or in the movies.

when we left KY in 07 we were on the go for several months before we stopped at a campground in Oregon and enjoyed two days of sitting in the RV watching the rain fall. I was so happy to have an excuse not to see something new, or be in a new place. With Marcia hosting with the escapees rv club we have been forced to stay in one place for weeks and months at a time and that is a lot like living in a house. (you are confined to one place) Maybe we can start enjoying the FT life style more after she completes her obligation with the escapees, not in vacation mode like we was when we first started, and not being obligated to sit to long in one place. Until them I will try to keep posting about whatever....

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  1. Joe, please post a photo of the PVC windsock holder when you finish. I also have a SKP windsock and need an idea for a holder to display it. Bobbie


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