Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nice day after all.

Today turned out to be a nice day after the cold snap. My computer said it got down to 31 degrees this AM so I didn't get out of bed until almost 11. It was warm under those covers, so why would I get up?

It did warm up, and the computer says it is 66 now, but the wind has all but died, the sun is still out, and I am actually sitting at the picnic table as I type this out. How cool is it that technology has advanced so much that I can sit outside at our picnic table and post to my blog. I don't even have any cords running into the rig. Batteries are wonderful.

After it warmed up I did get out of bed, I even got out of the rig and drove around town getting some prices on tires. I just think $58 to mount and balance each tire is too much money. Add in the $14 per tire for disposal fees, on top of the already inflated tire prices, and the mounting fees, and then the taxes, I guess I'll still be looking for tires. I can't see how someone can charge prices like that without holding a gun on you to make you feel a little better.

Back at the CG Leland and Cathy showed up at Rainbows End today, and it was really good to see Cathy moving around, even though she moves real slow and has to be really careful. The last time we saw her she was flat on her back in a hospital bed in Summerdale AL, recovering from a fall where she broke several ribs.

David and Kathy, Leland, Greg and myself attended the 4 O'clock social hour today, Greg and I knew Leland, Kathy, and David would be called to the front of the crowd to introduce themselves, and tell a little about themselves like we did at one time or another.

After the announcements, introductions, and jokes we all went on our separate ways, Leland was looking for rest, David and Kathy were looking for the ping-pong table, and Greg was off to walk their dogs. I was waiting for Marcia to complete her shift, so I watched David school Kathy in ping-pong. They were very entertaining.

Later we will play Mexican Train with our class mates, so until the next time...

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