Wednesday, April 29, 2009

1 More Day

You never really know what you might see in an RV Campground, we have seen some very strange things. Like this Medium duty Truck pulling this Casita trailer, it looks like the trailer could fit on the back of the truck. I've seen small cars pulling them at times, but to see this big truck pulling it makes it look way out of place.

Then we look back in time and imagine a few RVers finding a piece of ground, buying it, and dreaming of one day having a campground. Back in 1984 (I think) Joe and Kay Peterson with their daughter bought a wooded piece of ground near Livingston TX with the dream of having a CG and the Escapees Headquarters on it. This picture shows the original location of the first power pole.

There was about 13 rigs with cords run to this pole the first year. The club has grown to about 30,000 + or - members in the 30 years since Joe and Kay acted on their dream. Joe and Kay are Escapee # 1, we joined in 2007 and our number is 97020, and today the number issued to the next escapee member will be 103,382. That means there has been 103,381 families joined the Escapees.
Now the number is only re-used in special cases and if someone drops out of the club their number is not used again,so that number doesn't represent the number of current members, it is just how many have joined. Now there is about 30,000 active members.

I didn't do much of anything today, and tomorrow I will get the rig ready to roll out of here Friday morning. It has been good to see where the headquarters started, but I AM READY TO ROLL......

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