Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Waiting Game

Today we are playing the waiting game, we are waiting on our son Jonathan to stop by for a visit. Jon has been in KY on leave from the Army where he is currently stationed at Ft Huachuca AZ. He and his unit returned from Iraq back in March and he is on his way back to AZ.

Today I made a hanger for Marcia's SKP windsock. I got the ideal from Kathy and David last week, and picked up the supplies to build it the other day.

This is what I started with,

I cut the pipe to the desired lengths.

I attached one piece to the awning.

Then I fit it all together, and glued the joints.

When everything was assembled I lowered the awning so I could reach the piece I attached to the awning, and put the finished product onto that piece. I put one small screw in the union to keep the windsock from blowing off, or the hanger from turning in the wind.

The main thing was Marcia liked it, and for about $5 it didn't brake the bank in supplies to build it.

Tomorrow we will spend the day with Jon....

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  1. GOOD JOB JOE! Bet Marcia loves it! Welcome home to your son, GOD Bless him for his service.


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