Sunday, April 5, 2009

A what to do day

Today the weather was decent, the temperature was nice, so what would we do? I thought I should do some of the "honey doo" list, so hanging our water filter was on the list, and there is a Lowes close by. So I figured we could run to Lowes and I would pick up the things I needed and when we got home I could tackle my project.

We spent some time talking with our neighbors and class mates Greg and Jean. Jean showed us a neat free standing clothes rack made from PVC pipe the guy across the street has, and said it would by nice to have one. After listening to the discussion about where they would carry one, I decided I would pick up the stuff to build one while we were at Lowes, after all I had been wanting to build one for the ladder for us.

The trip to Lowes was not good for our water filter project, I looked all over the store for a 90 degree elbow that I need. I found all kinds of elbows but none that had the right threads. So I changed course and gathered up the stuff to build the clothes racks. Someone had told me a guy built them for the ladder and sold them for $30, and I thought the guy had to be making a lot off each one. Well after buying everything I needed to build a free standing clothes rack, and one that fits on the ladder we headed home.

When we pulled into the CG I unloaded the parts, and then got my tools out and went to work. There really isn't much involved in making these things, you just cut the pipe to length and then slip the elbows and tees on the pieces. Marcia had to make a trip back to Lowes for me because I grabbed two wrong tees, one was 1" X 1" X 3/4, and I needed 1X1X1, and the other had threads on one end.

By the time Marcia returned with the right pieces I had everything cut, ours strung, and was waiting. Jean had walked by and saw the free standing one and had commented about me being so quick. I didn't want to tell her it was hers until I had it finished so I made up a story about how the two would fit together.

Here is a picture of the one I built for us,

here is another view.

I didn't have to buy the string, and chose to use string instead of a chain to hold it up, so it didn't cost as much as if I had to buy everything, but the guy selling them for $30 is making about $24 off each one, if he doesn't use the plastic chain.

It is about time for the Ice cream social, and we are playing spades later, so that's it for now...

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