Monday, April 20, 2009

#1 SON visits

This AM about 4 AM the phone rings, it is our son Jon asking for directions to the park. I gave him directions and told him to call when he turns onto 146, and then I get dressed.

The phone rings again and I give him directions to the rig, we await with great anticipation. He pulls in, and we get our long awaited hugs. After talking for a while I bid him good night as I try to catch a few more ZZZ's before daylight. Jon decides to watch TV while we sleep.

We had a good day talking and sharing stories about the past year. He tells some of the Iraq war stories and we tell some of the RVing stories. Marcia makes pancakes, and we gulp them up.

Jon and I hit the pool table while Marcia does the cleanup and gets dressed. Jon is like me shooting pool, we can make some unbelievable shots, but can't make the straight in shots. After a while Marcia joins us and we decide to make a trip to Onalaska to see what is there.

Onalaska is on Lake Livingston and there are a few marinas, restaurants,and that is about all we found, so we drove back to the rig with a stop at Wal-Mart on the way. At the rig Jon and I check out his car, the oil, water,and we tried to figure out what was wrong with the AC. My fixing cars diminished several years ago with the computers, and Jon doesn't know what a wrench is.

Later we took my plane to the field next to the Oaks, I flew it until the wind caught it and carried it out of range and into a large pine tree. Marcia walked towards the lost plane and Jon and myself took the tracker. Marcia found the plane lodged in the pine tree about 25-30 feet off the ground.

Jon the arm, takes a large piece of glass we found in the yard and throws it up to knock the plane out of the tree. After several attempts he hit the plane and it comes crashing down. We elect to fly the plane after the wind dies down, so this gives us time to go eat.

After eating at a Mexican joint we head back to the field where Jon shows us what flying is all about. He fly's the plane like he has been doing it all his life. I guess his experience with the video games has paid off with the plane flying. After he runs the battery almost dead we recharge the battery and let Marcia have a turn flying.

Marcia flew the plane for a short time and then handed the controls back to me. I make a short flight before the battery gives out. We gathered up the plane and headed for the rig. back at the rig Jon decides he wants revenge on the pool table.

We walked over to the activity center where I school Marcia and Jon in a game of cut throat. I think Jon wants to stick to flying the plane. Now is rest time, he has 1100+ miles to drive to get back to Ft Huachuca, and I don't want him driving when he is too tired.

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