Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A good day to piddle around.

Today was a perfect day to catch up on the "honey doo" list. The weather was perfect for doing all those things you don't want to do because it is too hot or too cold. I started out changing the latch I broke last week, the one that holds the door open to the LP tank, and all our hydrolics.
Cathy just happened to be doing laundry, and since we are right next to the laundry she was able to talk with me while we both did our chores. It was nice talking to Cathy about this and that, and we completed our tasks too boot. It is really good to see her up and about after her fall last month.
After lunch I had to tackle the water hose. Our water filter needs to be upright to work properly, and I haven't figured out where to mount it permanently yet. In FL I had it hanging off the motorcycle rack, and here it was just leaned up against the rear tire, because the hose was so cold and stiff when I hooked it up.
Today with warm weather the hose was flexible and I wasn't kinking it every time I moved it. Looking closely at the compartment that has all the water connections, I just couldn't see an easy place to mount the filter. I decided to just mount it to the m/c rack and let the hose run under the coach.
I gathered my tools, drilled a couple holes in one of the tie down bars, run a couple large screws in and hung the filter. It really took me longer to gather the tools than it did any thing else.
Tonight the "gang" is going to Florida's Kitchen to eat, I'll tell more about that later.

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