Saturday, April 4, 2009

Another Nice Day

Today the weather was good for us. the wind was minimal, the sun was shining, and the thermometer climbed almost to 80. We did our run to Sams, which turned into a big hassle for us. As a host for the Escapees Marcia has access to the "company" Sams card, but when we tried to get it yesterday nobody could find it.

Today when we went to pick it up we were told that card had been canceled and we could pick up the new card at Sams. Well it turned out Sams has someone named on the card that nobody knows. We called back to the park and they was going to have that person fax a permission slip so Marcia could use the card. Well as I said before nobody knows the person listed on the card so no fax was going to be made.

Rather than waiting all day and hassling with them we chose to accept the offer of a free day pass to Sams. We looked all over Sams and wound up picking up a can of cashews, and a can of powered Gatorade, if we had brought the cooler we would have purchased some shrimp.

Next was Krogers, Charlene directed us right to the store, although we made a couple detours checking out yard sales, and a trade day. Nothing was found at the sales or the trade day, but we did stock up on diet Big K at Krogers.

Once we made it back to Livingston we stopped at Shrimp Boat Manny's for a late lunch. We had the shrimp appetizer, and the fish meal. The fish meal had four pieces of fish so we shared an order. It was fair, but I don't think I will ever return, there are too many other places to try while we are here.

I have come to the conclusion the weather here is a lot like the weather in KY, just a little warmer. You have a couple pretty days, and then you have a front move in and screws everything up. Tomorrow the wind is forecast to blow, Monday the temperature falls, and I feel the results.

Spending the winter in Fl was really good for my aches and pains, but TX has been really bad. I'm having a hard time figuring out my medicines to match up to the ever changing weather.
We all will have to wait to see what tomorrow brings for us...

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