Friday, April 10, 2009

Friends, Trains, and Mail

Today started out with the wind blowing, storms being forecast, and Marcia doing her half day. I had to catch up on the mail that we had sent from SD. Not calling to get the mail often enough can create problems. The insurance on the tracker was due last week, but we got the notice today. I called and paid it over the phone, and set it up so I can deal with it online from now on.

I got a letter from the state of FL concerning a speeding ticket I got in Webster. (46 in a 35 leaving town) The county had returned my check and said I had to pay it by Money Order, or a Cashiers Check. Did I miss that on the ticket when I mailed the check? I guess I did, so I called them. They had already put in the paper work to suspend my license. The girl I talked to said I could pay it online, and if they got the payment before they actually suspended my license they could stop it. Why didn't the ticket have a place to pay it online?

With all the immediate things delt with I checked to see how much profit the RV place was making on the motion porch light I was looking at. The girl there had to call to get the price, it was $199 for two lights. I showed her the printed sheet showing the web site where you can order it online for $77.88 each. She and I decided it would be better to order it online.

The day was pretty laid back once all the mail, and rv shop was taken care of. The weatherman missed again and there were no storms, and it was a pretty nice day. We had supper, and then we met Greg, Jean, David, and Kathy at the Activity Center for games and drinks. The Margarator was used for a Blue Hawaiian drink, some brought wine and others had their beer.

Greg taught us the play what he called Polish Poker with Jean's help. He even had to call a friend to ask a few questions. We found out the name wasn't polish poke, it was dirty bingo, or something like that. It was an OK game and would have been better if Marcia had not supplied all the pennies for it.

After the polish bingo, we played the Mexican Train Game. I thought it was going to be my night when I went out the first two hands, but the third hand I wound up in last place. Yes the game can change really quick, and isn't over until the last round has been played.

It was a really good night with everyone having a good time. When we left the Margarator was empty so I was a happy camper.

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