Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday At rainbows End

Today is Easter Sunday, the day we recognize as the day Jesus Christ arose from the grave. This day is what separates Jesus and all the other worshiped people like Mahomad, and, Buda , ect... Jesus is no longer in his grave, but the others are.

It was a stormy, rainy, dreary day here so I kept going back to bed. I did get up to stay at about 1:30 because someone came by to look at the tow bar we have for sale. They mainly wanted information which I was glad to share what I had.

At 2 PM we gathered in the activity Center for an Easter Dinner.

We had 14 at our table, and everyone brought a side dish or desert to share with everyone at our table.

The park supplied the ham for a $2 donation per person. I did better than I thought I would with so much food in front of me, and Marcia did really well sticking to her diet.

Just as we finished dinner we saw our friends Rodger and Brenda pull in, they got a site just across the street from us. We had to run out and greet them, and then we left so they could get set up without distractions.

Once they were set up we met at Leland and Cathy's rig to watch Leland fly his remote controlled airplane

It was interesting watching him, and I could tell he had been doing this for a long time.

We watched as a bird flew down trying to attack the little airplane. It was a lot of fun just watching.

I have been thinking about trying to fly one of these RC airplanes for some time. A friend tried to get me and him to buy one back in the late 80's. And then Cody, my nephew got involved in them a couple years ago, but I always put it off not wanting to invest big bucks into something I wasn't sure I would like.

Today Leland was telling us that Wal-Mart had a cheap RC Plane that was really a fun starter plane. After getting more information about the plane, and seeing how much Leland was enjoying flying his plane I had to make a trip to Wally World. Cathy had been showing Marcia and Brenda some craft thing about making a photo album, and they needed supplies from wally world too so off we went.

I bought an Air Hogs RC F/A-18 Hornet. This thing is really light weight, has two motors and runs off of a small on-board battery and the receiver uses 6 AA batteries. Once we got back to the rig I started charging the battery and it only took about 30 minuets before I was ready to take the plane out for my maiden flight.

It was FUN flying that little plane, guiding it around the trees, RV's and power line wires. Leland said I did pretty good for my first flight, after all I only hit three RV's, one house, and went out of range only once. The plane is made of a foam like rubber so there was no damage to the plane or rigs.

After it got too dark to play with the plane we assembled inside the activities center to play Mexican train. We all had a good time spending time together. Tomorrow I will try to master the art of flying my hornet.

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  1. Joe, You don't ever "master" flying a model airplane. You just get enough skill to move up to the next level plane. I have planes everywhere from these 14 inch beasts up to 105" scale models. Each is a thrill almost every time and flying models is such great therapy and recreation. leland.


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