Friday, April 10, 2009

Beautiful Day in Livingston

Friday morning brought us some beautiful weather, temperatures in the mid to upper 70s, partly cloudy skies, or mostly sunny skies, and very little WIND. What more could you ask for? So we took full advantage of the day by doing very little.

Marcia tackled a project she had been putting off, the cabinet above Leo. It had become the catch all cabinet with a little bit of everything stuffed in it. I got the task of finding a place for all the little items that were hinges, spare parts, and things a long those lines.

Later in the day we attended the Friday Afternoon Social Hour hosted by Joe and Kay Peterson. Kay starts by having the new people come up front for introduction, and today she made the mistake of saying she had not met Marcia. When Marcia told her we had been here awhile she wanted to know how long, well it was a little embarrassing to Kay when Marcia told her we had been here for three weeks. Kay quickly moved on to Cathy, so Leland and Cathy got to go up front.

After supper Marcia went to play bingo at the VFW, they have about 10 games, 7 pay out $150, two pay out $300, and one the pays $750, so I just sitting around waiting for her to come home and say she won several hundred dollars. Tomorrow you can find out.....

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