Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sunshine and Clear Skies

Today brought a pleasant surprise to me here in Livingston TX, Clear Skies, Plenty of Sunshine and the thermometer hit the 75 degree mark. The morning was a little on the chili side, I even had to put on a sweat shirt but that was OK.

We planned on making a trip to Sams today, but a lost card prevented that trip today. We decided to take advantage of the clear skies and check out the Lake Livingston State Park. Once we drove to the park we stopped at the check in station, where we found out they charge $3 per person to allow access into the park. Well we had not planned too well, we didn't have a cooler, no lunch, or even our blanket to sit on while we enjoyed the lake, so we didn't pay the fee to enter. I did note that they charge $10 for a campsite, I think with water, and $18 for a FHU site.

We chose to follow the road to see what else we could find around the lake. Much to our disappointment we found most of the lake shores are owned by private individuals. A few public boat ramps, and several businesses were also around the lake. After driving around the part of the lake that we did I see the main enjoyment of the lake would be to lot owners, the park, or boaters.

Back in Livingston we checked out Berkshire Brothers Grocery, there we found they were having a sidewalk sale. Sales is something we really enjoy, when we can buy a product for less than normal price we like that, especially when we need or can use the items.

At the sidewalk sale we found the low carb peanut butter for twenty five cents, and that was for a 16 oz jar, and the normal price was $4. Needless to say we bought all they had which was only 6-8 jars. Marcia was excited to find low carb peanut butter since she is on this diet, and it got me thinking about mom's peanut butter fudge.

I can almost smell the aroma of the fudge as I remember the times mom would get up during a commercial while we were watching a TV program and come back shortly after the show had started again with the pan and a couple spoons. We got to scrape the excess out of the pan after she poured the fudge onto her serving platter. Marcia and I have tried to copy mom's peanut butter fudge many times, but it never turns out quite like moms did. Oh well I just gained 5 lbs thinking about moms fudge.

After we finished checking out the store we tried Jack in the Box for lunch. They advertise tacos 2 for $1 so I had to try them out. Well I can say we tried it, I guess that had to be the worst taco I ever had placed in front of me. Marcia had the burgers without the bun and what she got was the meat and a slice of cheese. Unlike the way McDonnalds used to put all the toppings on the meat on a bed of lettuces. Needless to say Jack in the Box will not be on our places to re-visit.
Back at the rig I took a long nap while Marcia cleaned out the cubards. I think she cleans them out and re-arranges things so I don't mess around in the kitchen. About the time I figure out where things are she cleans and re-arranges.

After I woke up from my nap I sat outside enjoying the 75 degree weather, there was just enough of a breeze to move the leaves on the trees. I sat there as I watched Greg walk one dog, and then another. We distracted him before he was finished with the second trip. We sat around talking long enough that Jean had to take the third dog out.

I know people love their pets, but for me they are restrictions I don't have to deal with. Leo is Marcia's pet, and Leo can be left a lone for several days, all we have to do is make sure he has plenty food and water. We do have to listen to him fuss at us after we have been gone a couple days.
Later I did get to watch Friday Night Lights on the TV so all is well and I am a happy camper. Tomorrow is another day and only time will tell what happens or what we will do.

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