Thursday, April 23, 2009


Today is a honey doo day, I'm trying to get all the little things done while we are sitting. As most everyone knows we painted the inside of our rig just after we bought it, not because we like to paint, because the P O had already done it. So today is painting day, I move things and Marcia paints.

It has been another nice day weather wise, I just wish someone would turn the fans off or at least on low. I had planned on washing the roof this afternoon, but a big Kountry Star pulled in beside us and I don't want the water blowing onto it, so that will be another day.

I have to apologize to everyone that has left a comment, I found out today that I need to approve them before they get posted. I didn't know they were there, so naturally I didn't approve them. I think I have that corrected now.

I am treating Marcia to another night of bingo tonight. She worked really hard painting, and that was after putting in a half day at the office, so I think she deserves a night out. Now if we were in another place the night out might be a little different than bingo, although I don't know of too many things she would rather do than play bingo.

I just looked at the weather forecast for Livingston, 9 out of 10 days they call for scattered thunder storms, and 30% chance of rain. We will just have to wait to see what the weather will do, because the forecast is so generic.

OK we are off to win gas money at bingo tonight....

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  1. Joe:
    How about a photo of you on that little scooter? Like to see what it looks like. Bobbie


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