Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cleaning Day in Texas

Today was a cleaning day for us, last night we spotted a few ants, and there is no way we want to deal with them like we did last year. Last year we got infested by ants and it took us several weeks before we got rid of them. They will get in the walls and in between the floor and basement. They will send scouts out to look for food and you will only see a few at a time, but when you kill those few they just send out more until you find the nest.

Last year we got rid of them by removing everything from the lower cabinets and spreading ant killer in the cubby holes, behind the stove, refrigerator, and washing machine. So today we didn't wait on trying to kill them off a few at a time when we noticed a few crawling around the sink. We attacked them in the same way that we destroyed them last year.

Now the ideal way is by keeping them from getting in, so we usually throw out some killer under the rig when ever we park, but with us moving, and then the rain, wind and bad weather I neglected to do that and it came back to haunt me.

Today everything under the cabinets came out, we vacuumed where we could, and then we spread out the ant killer. Since we were cleaning we tore into the fans and cleaned the screens. The fan in the kitchen needed adjusting so we took it all apart and I adjusted the sensor so we can adjust when it comes on depending on the room temperature.

After all the cleaning and putting everything back we ask Greg and Jean if they wanted to grab some BBQ at Jack's, a place David and Kathy had told us about. They said yes so we piled into the tracker and headed to Jack's. One thing about the restaurants around here is they keep funny hours, Jack's closed at 3 PM on Saturdays.

We then decided on trying EL Burrito, a Mexican place if you couldn't tell by the name. I drove us south out of town on Business 59 and then turned north on the frontage road to EL Burrito.

I used a line on the waitress I picked up from Smokey when she ask me what I wanted to drink. I ask for diet tea, and she quickly told me they didn't serve diet tea, and then she got this puzzled look on her face and said we do have unsweetened tea. I told her I would settle for the unsweetened tea. She then caught on and we all had a good laugh.

If she did anything to our food to retaliate we didn't notice it, and everyone enjoyed the meal. The chips were especially good because they were warm, thin, and very fresh.

Back at the CG Marcia was ready to play some cards, and Greg and Jean wanted to play Skip-Bo hand and foot another time in hopes of remembering the rules to play later. Us guys let the girls win the first game so they would play another game or two. We didn't cut them any slack the other two games, just in case this happens to be the last time we get to play.

All in all today was another good day in Livingston, the weather was decent, we got some things accomplished, and we spent time with some great friends and class mates. I need to remember to take my camera when we leave the rig so I can share the pictures with everyone. Maybe I will drive back to EL Burrito to snap a few shots to share....

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