Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Better days, and painting complete

Today was a much better day, I guess the 30+ hours of sleep did the trick, at least for this round. Although I didn't do very much today, I did manage to accomplish a few things.

The break away switch that I picked up at the Care Center Yard Sale is now attached to the tracker, the wiring is installed, and everything is ready for our departure on Friday.

Marcia should have finished the painting yesterday, but someone was sleeping in the bed which just happened to be in the one room she needed to paint. Today with me out of her way she finished.

While we had the mattress out of the bed room I took advantage of not having it in the way while I run some new drains to the fresh water tank that is located under our bed. I'll have to do some research on how they should be because when I filled the tank the drains became a siphon hose and was collapsing the tank.

We tried one of the Chinese restaurants tonight, the hot and sour soup was terrific, the egg rolls were pretty good, but the chicken and broccoli was bland. There was almost no taste to it, and when the waitress ask, I just had to tell her.

The manager was called and he had the chef re-cook it. It was a little better the second time, but when I re-heat it for supper Wednesday night I will have to doctor it up with something.

We try to avoid buffets for several reasons, 1) we always eat too much, 2) they always cost more than a regular meal, and 3) you don't get to bring home a dogie box. Most Chinese restaurants give you enough in a dinner for two or three meals, and for less money than the buffet.

Tomorrow AM Marcia starts her last 20 hours at Rainbows End, 8 Tuesday, 8 Wednesday, and 4 Thursday, and Friday we are free until we get back to Raccoon Valley in Knoxville TN. in June. And that is 63 miles from our home town of Middlesboro KY so we will be getting out family fix for two months.

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