Thursday, April 2, 2009

A different use of SOLAR

As I was working on setting up and changing the oil yesterday I was approached twice by two of our new neighbors, wanting to know what that thing was on our "batwing" TV antenna. The first guy just plain old ask, "what is that thing on your antenna". The second guy not wanting to impress me as being dumb ask, "is the a new contraption for the digital conversion for TV?"

Each time I had the pleasure of explaining the need for some way to locate your rig when you are parked out in the desert and you return to your rig in the dark. You walk over to the camp fire while there is still some daylight left, you spend an hour or two or three or four shooting the breeze around the campfire with some very interesting and friendly people. And then you start to return to your rig and think "where is it, where am I", because the darkness has set in and it gets DARK out there where there is no lights.
Some people have the blinking lights they use when riding a bicycle stuck in their front window, you can see them in red, blue, white, and even multiple colored lights. And then some have the red or blue balls in their satellites, or ham radio antennas. We even have a couple of the blinking lights, but we don't use them because I had a different ideal.
I took one of our solar lights, the ones you stick in the ground to mark a walkway, or to light up a flower bed, that we had broken. All that was left was the top part that illuminates and protects the bulb. I drilled four holes in it, and then I climbed up on the roof and attached it with some wire to our batwing antenna.
I felt sure it would last the two to four weeks we planned on being in the desert, but much to my amazement it is still there after almost 18 months. It still glows every night, and now when we are walking from the clubhouse to the rig we can see the solar light guiding our way.

Some good friends came to Rainbows End last week and it was dark when we returned from eating and met them. We took them for a tour of Rainbows End and it was really dark when we returned to the Oaks area of the CG where we were parked. They ask us where we were parked as we walked towards their rig, and we just pointed to the light sticking way up on an antenna and said there we are.
You can see all kinds of different things while traveling, and in the different RV Parks (or places where RVs are parked) When someone puts their mind to completing a task with limited or unlimited resources.

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