Friday, April 24, 2009

MR Lucky

Last night at bingo I got lucky again, I split a $150 bingo. Hey $71.25 (after taxes) isn't a bad haul for taking your lady out on the town. After deducting the cost for the bingo packs, and our dinner, I walked out with about $30 in my pocket. Yea for me.

Today was a roof day, this AM I washed our roof, how could it get so dirty in just 6 weeks? (Texas) I guess it was mostly from driving in the misty rain through AL, LA, and part of TX. It is all clean now, and I just have the rest of the rig to clean.

After I finished with our roof I went to the Too Crazy Ladies' rig to attempt the repairs on their roof. I cleaned and chalked everything I could find up there. Their skylight has been leaking and we had planned on replacing it, but it is an odd size, and the RV parts dealer thinks they are made out of gold. I did put a band-aid on it for now.

Tonight Don and Sue ( the park managers) are taking us and some others out to eat. We are going to The Catfish King, we have been there before with a few "07 class mates" and enjoyed it. Maybe we will have the same waitress, she was really proud to be a Texan. LOL....

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  1. You keep doing all that winning at Bingo and you won't WANT to leave Texas!


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