Friday, April 3, 2009

Thanks for turning OFF the FAN

Thanks to the man upstairs for turning off the fans, yesterday morning I was awakened by a passing thunderstorm. We had the thunder, the lightening, and plenty of rain. There may have even been some hail mixed in from the sound of it hitting the rig, but I didn't look out to see.
By 9-10 AM the sun was shining and the wind was blowing. I have heard by many that the wind in Texas is just something you deal with. It wasn't as bad yesterday as I have seen it when we were in AZ last year, but it was bad enough.
Marcia did her 4 hours yesterday, she does two 8 hour days and a 4 hour day equaling the 20 hours required. 20 hours in exchange for our FHU site isn't a bad deal, I know others that do way more than 20 for their site, some even do more than 20 hours per person, and that is very cheap labor, or a very expensive site.
Around 11:30 I drove down to the office to wait for Marcia to finish her shift and while I was there I got to visit with Marty, Greg, and Jean. Greg should be moving out of the trees today into a site next to us on the hill. Marty had started a task we need to do. Cleaning out every nook and cranny of his rig, getting rid of the things he has carried around for two years and has not used. I think I will make that a project for June when we will be close to the kids.
Today the sun is shining, the thermometer should hit the mid 70 mark, the wind isn't blowing, and we are undecided in what we want to do. A trip to Conroe is upcoming, but not sure if it will be today. Conroe has a Sams Club, and a Kroger store, although I have never been very fond of paying to shop, (membership shopping)we have access to a sams card and while in FL we found sams to have a pretty good price on powered Gatorade, and nuts. And Krogers is Marcia's favorite grocery store, and we like the Big K pop you get at Krogers.
We will try our very best to have a good, or maybe even great time today, and I will tell you about it later....

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