Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Flying lessons NEEDED

Tonight after we enjoyed a pizza dinner with some great people I tried flying my plane. There wasn't hardly any wind, so I thought I could fly it in the wide area of road beside the laundry room, after all it isn't like I could hurt anything if I crashed it.

I started out doing really well, Marcia was cheering me on and even chased down the plane a few times for me when I lost too much altitude and crashed. The next flight was going really well until the plane went too close to some trees, I couldn't get it to turn, (which happens sometimes with this plane) and I crashed it in the top of a tree.

It wasn't a real big tree so I tried to shake it out with no success, I wound up using the skimmer from the swimming pool. (the one with the long handle) It came out of the tree without any problems. (I bet Leland is LOL) ( Cathy tell him to control himself )

Next it was a crash landing in the road that hung a propeller and jerked it off. The propeller was lying close to the plane and was a simple task replacing it. Now I am flying again and everything is going well. as Leland would say, I was getting some flight time. How that big tree got out in front of the plane is beyond me, but it did and the plane came crashing down through the tree limbs, but with me at the controls, and Greg as the co-pilot I thrust the throttle forward as it was falling. To our amazement the plane took off flying between the limbs before it hit the ground.

Greg and I were expressing our amazement at the save when the plane did about three circles and glided into a skid in the street. As I looked at the plane I saw Jean and Marcia leading a little battery powered scooter towards us.

I quickly walked over to assist the girls with the scooter.

The story behind the scooter is: Jean saw it on the bargain table in the activity center a few days ago. when she told me about seeing it I went to look at it but it was already gone. I razzed Jean pretty hard for not telling me sooner, and it became a joke with us that we were on the look out for the person that got the scooter, and now she and Marcia was leading it toward me.

I turned it on and took off on it, the battery lights showed a full charge, but it kind of died before I got it back to the rig. Now I know there is something wrong with the scooter, and tomorrow I will attempt to figure out what is wrong and if I can fix it.

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  1. Joe, that scooter problem sounds exactly like mine. I had to replace the battery pack to solve it.

    Light showed fully charged, but died real fast.

    Good luck.



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