Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dinner for 7 and better days coming

Tonight we had dinner for 7, there was Greg and Jean, David and Kathy, Marcia and myself, and Marty. Marty had picked out Catfish Kings for us to eat at, but I had the bright ideal of eating at Florida's Kitchen again, so we drove to Florida's only to find it closed on Mondays. We then drove to Catfish Kings, it was hard for me to drive while I had my head buried under my seat because I had convinced everyone to follow me to a closed restaurant.
We made it and everyone was pretty good about not riding me too hard.

Our waitress was really nice, and followed a long with us as we cut up with her. She was also very proud to be a Texan.

We all enjoyed our food, and everyone knows the class of 07 knows their food.

After we returned to the CG Greg and I had some revenge to take out on Jean and Marcia. We let them win at Skip-Bo hand and foot last night so we could take advantage of them tonight. I don't think they will want to play with us anymore.

Tonight the cold will hit hard, but it does look like better days are coming. 69 tomorrow, which isn't bad if there isn't a lot of wind and there is plenty of sunshine. The forecast doesn't say anything about wind, and it shows plenty of sunshine, so I'll just have to sleep in until about noon, and then everything will be just toasty.

Maybe I will tackle some of my "honey doo" list while Marcia puts in her 8 hours tomorrow. Maybe I won't too..... the great thing about this lifestyle is you can have those days where you don't do anything at all.

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