Thursday, April 16, 2009


We feel deserted here in Livingston with all our class mates gone. We do feel honored that we have seen so many class mates here during the few weeks we have been here, and we are looking forward to getting these wheels rolling again ASAP. (as soon as possible)

Greg and Jean were the last ones to leave us, they pulled out just before noon today. Jean was feeling a little under the weather, I hope she feels better really soon. Maybe she was allergic to us and will start feeling better now that she is gone.

I played with the scooter today and discovered that one of the batteries is shot. The other one was a little weak so I will order two new ones tomorrow. I aired up the tires and rode it around the CG several times, (the hill area) and then checked the batteries. That is when I discovered one bad battery, it was all the way down to 8% and the other was at 75%.

Tonight Marcia wanted to try out the Legion for bingo, so we went. It turned out to be a pretty good night, the storms held off, we ate nacho supreme s, and I WON at bingo. I won a $150 bingo, and half of another $150 bingo, now you know something is going on when I win and Marcia doesn't.

Now that I won I can buy the batteries for the scooter.

Until the next time....

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  1. Way to Go !!! Jean says now that you are 'flush' with money she is expecting a 'finder's fee' for that scooter !!!


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