Monday, April 6, 2009

Why did I leave FL

Today we have the Wind blowing, I guess it might be a Texas thing, but the bad is the temperature. The forecast says it will only get to 58, now 58 wouldn't be bad if you were in MI, ND, ME, Canada, but I am sitting in TEXAS.
I thought Texas was warm, or even hot, maybe I should come back to Texas in July or Aug to see the hot. I think not, we really enjoy the 70-80 range, and I have seen that here in Texas, but it comes and goes too often for me.
A look at the temperatures all across the USA.

And I am wandering WHY DID WE LEAVE FLORIDA?
I can only hope that this will be the last cold snap the Cannooks allow to drift down into the USA, at least the southern parts of the USA. Today will be an "inside" day for me, we may venture over to Wally World to kill some time, and then there is always the Monday Night Movie in the clubhouse with free popcorn and tea. What will be the movie tonight?

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