Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can People Change

I'm sure people do change over time, but their looks can change in a matter of minuets. Like Marcia left the rig at 11:30, and returned at 12:30 with a whole new look.

I can remember a time when her hair was cut similar to the way it is now, and I liked it then and I like it now. I know it will be a lot cooler and easier to wash for her, and I didn't fall in love with her hair cut, it was the beautiful person.


  1. Love the new hair style!!! (The whole wheat buns were "Baird's", Marcia.) Miss all our "classmates" and hope we cross paths again this year! If you travel thru Texarkana (TX) we do recommend the COE Clear Springs Park on Wright Putman Lake. Take care............

  2. Oh, Marcia, I love your new haircut. It is so smart looking and you look 5-10 years younger. Congrats! Bobbie


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