Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Last time for Florida's Kitchen

Florida's Kitchen is rated in the top 40 in some Texas Magazine, and it really has some good food, but I won't be spending anymore $$ there. Tonight we went there with Kathy, David, Marty, Greg, and Jean, I had built the place up as a really good place to eat, I even led us there on one of their closed days.

Marcia and I ordered the Florida Sampler, like we did the first time we ate there. We had all noticed the red letters on the bottom of the page saying double ribs for $3 and triple ribs for $4 extra, so we ordered the extra ribs. (I was thinking about lunch tomorrow. Marty and Greg ordered the rib dinner and the double ribs. Everyone else ordered different things.

The waitress brought our drinks out, and we sat chatting while waiting on our food. The waitress came back and said "Florida said the double and triple ribs did not go with the Sampler Platter". I didn't like it, but I didn't say anything. Later she came back and brought the salads, and Marty and Greg ask if they could change their orders from the double ribs to the triple ribs. She said OK and that she would tell Florida. I guess Florida was cooking tonight, and we could tell the waitress was new.

I got really upset when the waitress returned and said " Florida said the double and triple ribs only applied to the two meat orders". We all complained some, and I showed her on the menu the red letters saying double and triple ribs for $3 and $4 extra. She said she knew it looked that way but Florida said it only applied to the two meat dinners. So I ask her to ask Florida to come out to see us, and she left.

She returned a short time later and informed us that Florida said she was too busy to come out to see us. I started gritting my teeth trying to keep from coming unglued right there. If I had drove, and not been riding with Dave and Kathy I would have stomped out, letting everyone know I was pissed. But since I didn't drive I just bit my tongue, (almost bit it off).

The waitress did tell us Florida said she would send Tammy out to explain it to us. I can read, I know what the menu said, so what was she going to explain? I told her to tell Florida that I had been there several times in the two weeks that we have been here, but this would be the last time, and that I would tell everyone I saw about tonight. I really wanted to rant and rave on my way out of there, and I will never ride with anyone again when I go out to eat.

We got our food, and it still looked pretty good, but wasn't near as good as it could have been. Shortly after we got our food Florida graced us with her presence. She ask us what the problem was, and I told her exactly what it was. She apologized, putting most of the blame on the new waitress. I then showed her the menu and then she started throwing the blame towards the printer, and attempted to smooth everything over by saying she was going to have that changed when she printed new menus. She also admitted others had had the same problem.

The only problem was she was not honoring what the menu stated, and that she was inconsiderate enough to tell the waitress to tell us she was too busy to bothered by a dissatisfied costumer.

Something about Texas and me are not jiving. It seems every time I turn around something is going way wrong. Yesterday at one of the RV parts dealers I tried to purchase a couple latches. They were $6.49 and I gave the girl my CC to pay for them. She quickly informed me that they charge $2 for a CC transaction if the amount is under $20. I just took my CC back and thanked her, and she apologized. I told her nothing else had gone right for me in Texas so why would this be any different!

At the next RV shop I stopped at I found the latches for $4.50, (but this pack didn't have the mounting screws) I ask about a motion activated porch light. The girl said they just got one in and she would go to the back and get it. I wanted to know the price before I bought it. She returned with the owner and the light, he said they were really proud of them because the price was $199.99.

I explained to them about Bob telling me he got his for about $85. He wanted to know if it was the same company, and I couldn't answer him. He ask his clerk to look up the price to ensure there had not been a mistake. She called someone to find out about the price, and I attempted to call Bob to find out which company he ordered his from. Well why would it be different? Neither one of us got an answer.

She promised to find out the price, and I agreed to stop back by and get the results. Well tonight Marcia found the light on the net for $77, so tomorrow I will take the printed copy of the web site to her and find out just how much the light will be there.

So we have 22 more days here in Livingston for me to tell as many people as I can to avoid Florida's Kitchen, and the RV Shack. Oh yea we can't forget the tacos at Jack in the Box either.

Maybe someone is telling us/me to not even consider coming to Texas for the winter? You know the slogan "Don't Mess With Texas" I think it is right, don't mess with Texas, skip/avoid it at all costs. Oh well we have 22 more days, maybe I will just stay in the rig for the next three weeks.


  1. Too bad about the Floridas experience. Maybe we Cathy and I did right by not going. We shoulda been there, I like to get mad at restraunts. :) Leland.

  2. Joe we had a good time and the food was good. It certainly wasn't your fault the waitress had 'no clue' what she was doing.

    After you ever so calmly told Florida your thoughts, I bet that waitress got an earful !!! are running out of places to eat in Livingston !!! LOL


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