Friday, April 17, 2009

Rainy Day in Texas

Friday April 17th 2009 turned out to be a very wet day, it started sprinkling by mid morning, so we took off on a pop run. We really like Kroger brand pop, and there isn't a Kroger around Livingston so we drove to Porter Texas. We wanted to look around a different part of Texas anyway, so this gave us an excuse to either go pick up pop, or to look around a different part of Texas. Either way you want to look at it.

Once we found the Kroger store on 59 we had already missed the exit to get to the side road. Charlene wasn't any help because 59 is new through that area and they don't have an exit off 59 where Charlene said it was. We made a U turn 1.5 miles south of the Kroger store.

In the strip mall across the street from Krogers we saw a 99 cent store so we just had to check it out. Well it was closed, apparently the store was having problems with the local government, or the mall, and had closed the doors. All the stock was still in the store, but we could see what looked like a couple people starting to clear the shelves.

Next to the 99 cent store we saw a very rare sign at Burke's Outlet Store.

How many times have you seen a discount for people under 50? I truly think this was my first, and as luck would have it I am caught in between the young and old discounts. It really didn't matter to me because we weren't shopping for clothes anyway.

After we loaded up on pop, and checked out a couple other stores in the area we headed back to Livingston. We saw warnings on some of the advertising signs about a tornado watch being in effect, and we had plenty of rain all the way back, we even saw a few flashes of lightening.

We arrived at Rainbows End just in time for the 4 PM social hour. Last week Kay had ask a couple people to come to the front and tell a little about themselves. Now being ask to tell a little about yourself, and what you did for a living takes away from the RV lifestyle in my opinion. It would be one thing to talk about yourself with a few friends, but telling the entire park (or those who came to the social hour)is another.

I think it would have been different if someone ask you specifically to tell about yourself, than to ask if there is anyone that wants to tell about themselves. I saw it as a couple people wanting to toot their own horns. They didn't stop at telling what they did, they had to tell stories that happened to them along the way.

Now I am not trying to be negative but I see the RV lifestyle as people enjoying a lifestyle, (either FT or PT), not being put into a social class, and telling everyone I did this or I did that is just a start to "I am better than you", or you are not in my "class". I may be wrong about it, but I would rather hear RV related stories, rather than I flew planes, or I sent satellites into orbit, or I saved the world. What do you think?

It was a long social hour due to some boring stories (to some) (some may have enjoyed them) and it raining cats and dogs outside. Marcia and I had to leave before everyone had finished tooting their horn.

I look forward to hearing if you would like to hear others tell about themselves, and would you want to tell everyone about what you did?


  1. Well a bunch of us brain surgeons were flying in our private jet tooting our jets have horns?....and we decided that we would much prefer to talk with good friends about rv stuff and places we visited and places we wanted to visit!!!! All that other stuff is just cr*p.

    greg and jean (who seems to be feeling a little better)

  2. Hey Joe,
    I don't mind the social hour "stories" as long as the folks aren't too long winded. I guess I like to tell that we were Chimney Sweeps because it's so unique. It's usually a good ice breaker for us, as long as I don't let Paul get too long winded. ;-) They're still RVer's and you can get the rv adventures later.
    See ya in Sedalia


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