Thursday, April 23, 2009

Beautifull Sunshine and the 80's

I am happy when the weather is nice, give me warm temperatures and plenty sunshine. I don't even mind a day or two of the liquid sunshine, the rainy days gives us more appreciation for the sunny days.

Wednesday was one of those days, and I piddled around doing the little things that I wanted to do. (except for the trip to Wal-Mart) I vacuumed the swimming pool to get all the pieces of dead leaves out that the wind keeps blowing in. I think I would have to build a screened in room around the pool if I was calling the shots.

I rode my "City BUG" down to the office, and around the CG. I needed to run down the batteries some so I could charge them back and test the charger. Now that I know the charger works, I will find out how far, and how long a full charge will last.

I will start washing the rig so it will be clean when we leave Livingston, the trip from FL to TX in the rain really made a mess of it. I just want a day that isn't windy so the over-spray doesn't cover the neighbors. I would hate to mess up the neighbors rig and have to wash and dry it. Maybe I need some of Smokey's dry wash?

Until the next time, be safe....

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