Saturday, April 25, 2009

5 as in FIVE days and a WAKE UP

Today already in the books we have 5 days remaining here. I guess we could stay longer if we chose to, but after being here 6 weeks, I think we will be heading out. Rain could delay us, high winds could delay us, or just not "having" to be here could delay our departure.

As I have mentioned in the blog I have been helping out with the swimming pool here at Rainbows End. It is about 100 yards from where we are parked, I know/knew nothing about taking care of a pool, but I always wanted to be a pool boy. LOL You know you always hear or see on TV where the rich beautiful woman is chasing the pool boy, well Marcia isn't rich but she is beautiful, and I like her chasing me.

Last night Don and Sue took us out to eat, (Don's treat) it was an appreciation dinner. It was his way of thanking Marcia for her devotion to her work, and me for helping out with the pool. Another couple was with us, and her birthday is next week, so Don was treating her for her birthday. We all enjoyed a good meal at the Catfish King.

Today I've been cleaning up a mess. When we left FL we only had a few days to get to our reunion so I was forced to drive in the rain. Now if you drive in a hard rain where the rain washes the roads off it isn't too bad, but most of our trip was just wet roads and a slight drizzle. I never turned the wipers on higher than the slow delayed setting. Needless to say our rig was a different color by the time we arrived in Boerne TX, and now I'm having to clean the mess.

I did give it a quick wash in Boerne so we didn't get black every time we touched the rig. Yesterday was the roof, (it was brown) and today was getting rid of all the black streaks. The cold, rain, and storms kept me from tackling this task weeks ago, so the rain had washed the dirt down on the sides causing those dreaded black streaks.

Purple Power cleaner from Wal-Mart, (or a parts store) was my choice of cleaners. It does a GREAT job if you are careful with it. If you put it on too strong it will leave those dreaded white streaks. It only took me about 6 hours, but I got-er-done. Now I need to re-organize some of the compartments before we are ready to roll.

Maybe the blog will get a little more interesting once we start rolling again, I know it will be easier to find things to write about....

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